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TransArabe specialises also in the translation of technical information, ranging from brochures to user manuals and from quotations to contracts and documentation for training purposes.
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TransArabe-Translations implements strict quality procedures at all stages of a project to guarantee the highest standard of translation and presentation. Ensuring a consistent approach to all languages across multilingual projects.

We also offer a full page make-up service, for copy of your manuals, brochures and catalogues complete with graphics (photographs, drawings, charts and diagrams), this can be supplied, ready for dispatch to your printers.
Advertisements, brochures and leaflets are a class apart. Our mother-tongue copywriters can ensure that these are always tailored to your specific target group, whether your market is in The Netherlands, other EU Member States or any of the Arabic contries.
Computer-generated and computer-aided translation are the other side of the coin and can provide a cost-effective solution for certain types of work, such as price lists and some types of catalogue. We have considerable experience in this area as well. Our expertise extends both to the relevant systems technology and to applications software for machine translation systems.
All copy and translations can be supplied in formats suitable for IBM-compatible or Apple Mac PCs, either on diskette or by modem (e-mail).
We have a wide experience in technical writing, translation and page make-up and pride ourselves on meeting our deadlines and supplying high quality work at attractive prices. Our customers include Dutch, German, French and US companies and multinationals.
TransArabe is a flexible Translation company with well-educated, highly skilled technicians and "native" language specialists. Using advanced hardware systems and in-house developed software applications, TransArabe offers both the quality and peace of mind that is so difficult to find when contracting out translation services.

At Special Translations we employ strict controls to ensure high quality translations. All translated documents are both technically and grammatically checked. The familiarity of our translators with the structure of word processing applications and online help systems makes for efficient implementation of the translated information.
We create magazines, manuals, brochures, CD-ROM's or any other type of publication you might need. We have the experience and ability to deliver any publishing project to the specifications you desire.
Our ten plus years of experience in handling the translation and page make-up needs of some of the most globally competitive companies is your guarantee for both quality and attractive translation fees.
For more information please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.
The services
·Technical translations. In addition to the information technology, special areas include biotechnology, electronics, office automation, automobile industry, and management information systems.
·Brochure and advertisement translation/copywriting.
·EU-related translations.
·Software localization, including testing.
·Multimedia and www homepage translation.
·Page make-up service and printing coordination.
·Multilingual Documentation Database management
All translations are delivered in the desired electronic format.
The languages Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese.
Partner agencies in all European countries.

Modern Arabic Dialects

In the vast area where Arabic is spoken, various dialects or colloquial forms have developed. These dialects of Arabic are the mother tongues of all native speakers of Arabic. The main dialects in the Arab World are Gulf/Iraqi, Egyptian/Sudanese, Syrian and Maghrebi.
The language of written and read media is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is widely understood everywhere in the Arab World.


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